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BOING Product Information

BOING Bracelets

Your bracelet comes from a UK company, has been designed by us here in the UK and every bracelet has been handmade to order in the UK – something that we are hugely proud of and was a core aim of the business from the outset.

We have also insisted that we use only the finest authentic components in manufacturing your bracelet.

Our stainless steel clasp is made from the finest 316L steel. It comes in a matt brush finish and has been milled and manufactured in the UK, using UK steel and then finished and laser engraved individually. We have also introduced clasps made from Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 5 microns of 999 Solid Sterling Silver, Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 2 microns of Rose Gold, Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 18kt Yellow Gold and PVD coated.

Our clasp is connected by a super-strong neodymium magnet. This is around 10x the strength of conventional magnets. This means the clasp will remain extremely secure without any additional screw or tie mechanisms. The simplicity of the connection also makes the bracelet extremely tactile and in our opinion better designed than many other clasps as it has no complicated opening or closing mechanisms that can catch on clothing or have more points of weakness. With a BOING bracelet you just pull hard to open it and it snaps shut firmly with no fuss and gives a pleasing pop each time, ideal for the active wearer! The magnet is coated in copper and two coats of nickel and as such is water resistant, however if it is used in sea water we recommend it is washed thoroughly daily with fresh water and dried as these magnets may suffer corrosion if the magnet surface is scratched and then exposed to sea water. This happens in very few cases and we do provide a 2 year return policy to cover this.

We make no claims as to any physical or biological benefits arising from the magnets within the clasp. BOING bracelets are sold solely as a lifestyle accessory for people who prefer an unfussy item of jewellery that makes a great statement and is tough in all respects.

We source 100% of our authentic sailing and climbing rope only from UK, US & European professional rope companies, with around 75% sourced from the UK. Every rope has been stringently tested for its specific purpose, be it sailing, ocean racing or mountain climbing. Most ropes are constructed with a hard inner core and low stretch plaited polyester cove so all are waterproof and tough. In addition, we do sell a group of softer skinny bands, called ‘Softies’ made of 100% grade A high quality polypropylene which is also resistant to water, very tough wearing but extremely light and also used for light nautical purposes.

During our journey, we have made numerous prototypes and exhaustively tested each to ensure we are able to achieve our initial goal: the finest-quality, UK made, tactile, simple, unfussy and long-lasting bracelet that we and our friends would choose to wear everyday. We are confident of its high quality and inherent durability and so are delighted to offer a 2 year guarantee on every BOING product against flaws in workmanship or materials (excluding plated products, discounted products and outlet products which have a 1-year guarantee) as well as a 2 year returns policy as you will find within our customer information section. These policies demonstrate our own confidence in all BOING products and we hope that as a customer you too recognise their exceptional quality.

Our vision is to create a top quality UK lifestyle brand for the aspirational or extreme sportsperson. So we hope you love what we have designed and created for you and that whichever product you select it helps you to BOING UP YOUR LIFE!


Every BOING purchase will be shipped to you in a unique embossed round tin with an information card on a bed of grey foam.

For any precious metal item, being sterling silver or gold or ruthenium plate then it will be sent as above but the item will also be placed within a soft popper pouch and will be accompanied with a precious metal cleaning cloth.

See Shipping details below for all dispatch options and terms.