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I find myself wanting to push things harder, take on more challenges and test my own capability. rr1

With 2014 well under way the psyche for adventure is at a high, I find myself wanting to push things harder, take on more challenges and test my own capability in the vertical world, this have been frustrating though as the weather gods seem to be winning at the moment, the amount of rain fallen since the start of the year is incredible. Although the climbing outside has been limited, it has given me the time to concentrate on my training and making sure I’m ready to take on this year’s challenges. The last few weeks I’ve been pushing it hard in the gym and on the climbing wall, the results are showing and the times I have been able to get out I can see this paying off, I feel strong, driven and determined to make this year one to remember. rr2 At the turn of the year I was lucky enough to attend the Annual drytooling meet at the popular venue of White Goods (in North wales). The event was sponsored by big climbing names such as DMM & Alpkit, the weekend was a general get together of some of Britons top winter/mixed climbers. It was packed with lots of fun, banter & hard ascents, In the evening we had a really good slideshow and talk from an inspiring climber, trying to encourage people to search out new adventures, walk where no man as walked before and climb routes that have yet to be climbed. I found myself lured in and hooked, with my mind thinking and the adventure inside me I wanted this, I knew of a large cave down on the south coast that hadn’t been climbed. rr3 After checking it out and spending some time cleaning it and equipping it is now ready to be climbed, however the route is very hard, to be honest I am not strong nough at the moment to climb it, I need to keep the line discreet and away from the lime light as I don’t want it to be found by other hungry climbers. In the meantime I will continue to train and work hard and when I am ready I will return and take the glory. rr5rr6 I have been out every available possibility over the last month, although searching for dry lines to climb has been interesting, I definitely feel stronger and psyched to keep pushing it. I have a few plans on some big trips to the mountains this year. rr7rr8 I am currently booked to go to Chamonix and the beginning of April for two weeks to hopefully attempt the Supercouloir, then another trip back there in the summer to try the famous "American direct" on the north face of the Dru. I will need to be ready for these climbs, although the mountains are a peaceful and beautiful place; they can also be a very dangerous, cold and not so friendly place. rr9rr1 I am Happy to be part of the BOING team again this year, living life to the full and making it an adventure, I will continue to write about my climbing and adventures and get as many pictures as possible, this will hopefully inspire many of you to go out and have your own adventure..