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A New Season Calls For Great New Colours in Boing’s Men’s Bracelets!

It’s that time of year again. Autumn leaves, pumpkin-flavoured everything, the smell of autumn in the air, and it’s even time to break out your favourite comfortable oversized sweater. And what better accessory to go with your sweater, scarf, and boots than a Boing Men’s Leather Bracelet?

How about some leather bracelets in fabulous colours to match your favourite seasonal fashions perfectly?

Single Men’s Bracelet Choices

Let’s look at a few great Boing bracelet options that are sure to become accessory staples in your wardrobe. With autumn in the air, you need a bracelet on your wrist!

  • Black is never out of season. Try this Black Middy for a classic look.
  • Dark brown is a colour of choice when everyone thinks of autumn. Try this Leather Brown Middy!
  • Shake it up a bit and add a pop of pumpkin colour with this Caister bracelet!
  • The Grand Canyon is the perfect mix of colours for an autumn vibe.
  • If a fabulous subtle green is more up your alley, we’d go with the Lichen bracelet.
  • Sometimes you just need a happy colour to match your mood. Lobster is the perfect rusty red for the season!
  • If Lobster red is not up your alley, we’d say you’d prefer the Marooned bracelet instead for a more subtle colour to add to your wardrobe.
  • For the more daring, or for the perfect Halloween accessory, Satsuma is a perfect choice for a bright orange.
  • Our final suggestion is for a double bracelet that comes in a lighter shade of brown. The Woodland Double Wrap is an amazing look for autumn!
  • Jungle Middy
  • The Black Middy and the Satsuma for Halloween Look #1!
  • The Black Middy and the Sea Lavender Middy for Halloween Look #2!
  • The Magic Mushroom and Marooned for Autumn Mixer Look #1!
  • The Lichen skinny and the Brown Skinny for Autumn Mixer Look #2!
  • The Teal Skinny the Woodland Double Wrap for a Unique Fall Look!

Pair Them Up For a Great Autumn Vibe!

Now that we’ve explored a few bracelet colour choices, let’s take a look at how fun they would be paired up for an even more unique and layered look.

However you mix and match, Boing has some amazing men’s leather bracelets to choose from this upcoming season. We’d love to see how you were your Boing bracelets this Fall!