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Our mascot, Billy, is away traveling with Mad or Nomad - he's experienced four seasons in four different parts of the world! Where will they go next? Here's to the next four!

Our friends, Mad or Nomad, are on a worldwide adventure with our mascot, Billy. This blog seasonally recaps the last year of adventure together!


We left the UK in the middle of winter. By the time we reached Slovakia, our motorbike had broken down and we had to wait three weeks for new parts as it snowed heavier every day. We explored and wandered through thick snow, taking Billy the Mascot to visit some of Slovakia’s creepy castle ruins. But the freezing temperatures started to get us down as we trudged through fields of snow.

But we weren’t going to let the snow beat us. And if you can’t beat it, you may as well join in! So, we headed to Bansko, Bulgaria, hung up the helmets and slipped into ski boots for a week of skiing and boarding with our friends, family… and of course, Billy.


Spring was in full swing by the time we reached Turkey. The Turkish coast was a beautiful and much welcome break from the tough, snow-capped mountains we just rode through. We slapped on our shades, kicked off the heavy bike boots and sat back with a few (few too many) cocktails.


We made it to Central Asia in time for summer and rode through the legendary Pamir Mountains before stepping into Mongolia and heading straight for the baking Gobi Desert. We rode through boiling hot canyons and sweltering sand dunes. The heat almost got too much, so we made our move and blasted through Russia caught the ferry to Japan.


Japan is beautiful all year round, but it’s extra special in Autumn. The leaves turn a rusty red and the entire country is blanketed in a red, yellow and orange patchwork blanket of crunchy maple leaves. We took Billy to Rabbit Island in Autumn. Japan produced secret chemical weapons during the war on the island. When the war was won, they fled and released the lab rabbits, which then overpopulated the island. Perfect for Billy to make some new friends!

Here’s to the next four!

The pretty copper leaves fall as we continue to explore Japan. The trees become bare and snow collects on the branches. Winter is here once again, so we wrap up warm, put our feet up, sip Sake and wonder what 2019’s four seasons will bring for Billy, Boing and our life on the road…