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Boing and Myocarditis tie the knot

Boing and heart disease charity Myocarditis UK have partnered to help raise awareness and drive fundraising efforts for the rare heart condition, myocarditis, which can cause the sudden death of young and fit people if left untreated.

Since 2013, the Myocarditis UK charity has worked hard to create awareness for myocarditis both in the public eye and amongst medical professionals as, in many cases, the disease is treatable if diagnosed. Unfortunately, however, if left undiagnosed it can cause fatal heart attacks, especially in people who are particularly active. Myocarditis is responsible for the sudden of death one young adult per week in the UK. In adults, it affects 50% more men than women and is the 32nd leading cause of Sudden Death worldwide.

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Head of Myocarditis UK Development and Fundraising, Sarah Baker, said: “It’s so great to be launching this partnership with BOING, as much of the work we do with Myocarditis UK revolves around raising awareness for this little-known disease. Our goal is for both the public and the medical community to be informed about the symptoms and what questions to ask of their healthcare professionals.

“We are also passionate about raising the importance of heart screening and heart care amongst young athletes – especially those at semi-pro and pro-level as implementing regular screening after athletes have taken time off for illnesses, especially viral illnesses, can help prevent as many tragic, fatal cases as possible. Partnerships like this are such a useful way to achieve this level of awareness.”

Kerry Harvey-Woodhead, the founder of BOING Jewellery added: “We are honoured to be partnering with Myocarditis UK to help amplify the charity and to bolster its fundraising efforts. It’s such an important cause to be working towards, and as much of our customer base live highly active lifestyles, it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness with young, active people.”

Not only will the partnership aim to help fundraise money for the vital research into the disease, but crucially, raise awareness among the public. This awareness is an essential part of Myocarditis UK’s work, as the rare disease often presents as prolonged flu-like symptoms and will go undiagnosed and untreated in many cases.

The difficulty in diagnoses lies in the way myocarditis often presents as something else, and the symptoms mimic other illnesses. Especially in young people, it presents as ongoing flu-like symptoms, fatigue, or even as anxiety. This makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose as in many cases, individuals are healthy, fit and regularly active.

To find out more about Myocarditis UK and how you can help please visit the charity’s website at myocarditisuk.com.