BOING at the IJL

BOING at the IJL

The buzz of the IJL hit us like a swarm of opportunity and excitement. Everything from diamonds to ring boxes, internationally recognised, to graduates who had just started their careers. The jewellery industry was here in LONDON.

Positioned in the Silver and Fashion sector, BOING stood out with its colourful ropes, back drops and aspirational adventure imagery, and of course, our mascot; Billy The Goat. The 3 days were full of meets from stockist, designers, suppliers and media. We had a fantastic chat with the CMJ’s Chairman Michael Aldridge who exclaimed the ‘pop’ of the BOING clasp was highly addictive, as he repeatedly opened and closed the Aztec Blue Chunky.Aztec BlueWith an increasing interest in BOING from overseas stockists, you will soon be able to see and buy your BOING bracelets from your favourite holiday and exotic destinations. Increasing our presence in countries who enjoy extreme sports and outdoors adventure will be a great step for BOING. Yet at the same time, we were recognised by Best Of Britannia for our British design, manufacture and distribution. We are looking forward to visiting their B.O.B event in October, where some of the best British design and fashion companies will be showcasing.

The IJL also gave us an opportunity to introduce our new and very exciting rings. The Porthole rings received brilliant positive feedback. Fresh off the bench, the rings had a successful maiden voyage, and are very popular with our precious metal focused stockists. Although this was early September, many of our stockist were looking for trends and gifts for Christmas (yes I know, Christmas).

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Olympia, the energy, positivity and possibilities were endless, and we are already looking forward to next year. We hope we put a spring in everyone’s step, and all of you are BOINGing up your life, where ever you are! #BOINGupyourlife

Great blog, are you off to BOB next month - when is it and do you have a Go Ape session coming up?!

Well done


By Guy on 27 September 2017

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