There is no shortage of quality companies offering you leather bracelets for men, particularly at this time of year with Fathers Day around the corner.BOING is one of many brands selling leather and rope bracelets for men and are a company that is very conscious of using leather tanned in a responsible way using vegetable tanning and not the speedier process using chromium-sulphate.

Focus on vegetable leather tanning

Few people are aware of health risks of the chemicals used in the tanning of leather.Increasing evidence of certain chromium types e.g. chromium VI has concluded it is now considered a carcinogen and those at greatest risk are the workers in China or India who spend so much time in this chemicals’ presence. Around 90% of leather now produced is dyed using non-organic tannins like chromium as it is much cheaper, can be tanned in a day versus up to 60 days for vegetable dyeing, makes the leather water and stain resistant and the colour will not change. Vegetable tanning on the other hand uses natural organic compounds, can take up to 60 days to tan, has a more restricted more earthy range of colours and is not quite as water resistant but does at least smell of leather as we have traditionally known it rather than no smell or a chemical smell!

mens skinny black leather bracelet

mens middy black leather bracelet

How risky can it be to wear a small leather bracelet if you don’t know the leather provenance? I suspect little harm can arise but I am not a scientist, but in my opinion and those at BOING I do know I would rather wear something organically dyed and free of chemicals given it will be in close contact with my skin every day. Granted there are plenty of other things possibly posing worse risks to health than this; like diesel car emissions or aluminium used in certain deodorants but as it is a totally avoidable risk it is one that BOING have opted to address head on and avoid, so their unisex bracelets are only colour dyed using organic materials, and they use environmentally friendly vegetable tanning and neither chrome nor phthalates are present. Furthermore their supplier complies fully with the European REACH legislation of 2006 that aims to both protect human health and the environment.

Leather bracelets are a growth market that is good as long as the leather is responsibly sourced. A-list male celebrity influencers of all ages have helped grow the trend; men like Johnny Depp, Keith Richards or Prince Harry accessorize themselves with such bracelets and this has helped increase the demand.

BOING's leather bracelets, can be found using the following link:

are all produced using the lengthier vegetable tanning process and their products can be found for retail sale in numerous UK stockists (see website for full list) and they also sell online on their updated new website If you are interested in becoming a stockist then just email us. BOING predominantly offer beautifully coloured professional authentic climbing and sailing rope bracelets for anyone who wants to wear a piece of high octane sports material. The variety of colours, dimensions and wrist size options make it a very customer focused brand.

The purpose of this blog is to shine a small spotlight on a little considered area when purchasing a leather bracelet for a gift or occasion like Mothers or Fathers Day. The small team at BOING HQ have been hand-making unisex leather bracelets, in true cottage industry style as well as climbing rope and sailing rope bracelets for 5 years now. Traceability has come a long way in food and other key purchases but woefully lags miles behind in other areas such as material dyes on leather as few people would not know what any advice label meant without understanding a little of the facts behind it..

All BOING rope or leather bracelets are made in the UK and come with a whopping 2 year guarantee, a breath of fresh air that underlines their confidence in their brand and therefore the lasting usability of their bracelets. Each bracelet is made with authentic and top quality professional sailing or climbing rope or other materials, like the leather braid sourced from the EU.

lime leather bracelet with rose gold clasp

Bulldog rope bracelet with matt steel clasp

Every bracelet is made by hand to order and BOING is delighted to offer a bespoke size to fit any wrist. The popular steel magnetic clasp already is offered in 5 sizes that cater for most adults. However, if the size required is not shown then either email the customer service team. If the size isn’t spot on receipt, then they have a no quibble swap service that is unusual in retail but very welcome when buying size-specific gifts without risk. It is interesting that the majority of big bracelet names these days offer only one or two sizes at most in XL or XXL often and are can even be out of stock for these items.In contrast, BOING has always prided itself on offering numerous sizes as we are all different and as BOING says “we can make them for a puny 5 year old through to a champion sumo wrestler with 30cm wrists at no extra charge, you just need to tell us what you require or we will be happy to advise.” This comes from a desire to recognise that quality and service breeds loyalty and the company simply wishes to treat customers as they would like to be treated, a maxim that can quickly be lost when you lose touch with your roots.

Visit to see a broad range of clasp finishes to go with your chosen rope or leather. They offer clasps made from authentic 316L stainless steel & sterling silver - both of which are manufactured to a high standard within the UK. For the perfect men’s bracelet, check out the beautiful Ruthenium plated clasp that looks like graphite but is both shiny and soft and has a dusky colour that they say is proving enormously popular for male bracelets. Ruthenium is a rare transition metal and is extracted from Platinum and represents great value.BOING also offer a warm rose gold plated clasp at a price that underlines their commitment to good value, another running theme in the business’s DNA. These gold clasp bracelets may appeal more to women and they complement BOING’s softie, polypropylene range of ropes.

middy brown leather bracelet with ruthenium clasp

navy double-wrap bracelet

BOING extends beyond rope and leather bracelets and offers rope Ankle bracelets that are increasingly popular in the summer run-up as well as larger sized unusual rings for men and solid silver cuff bracelets for more discerning buyers, all of which can be found on their website or just call one of their friendly customer service team members on 01628 789 999 if you require something not shown or need a bespoke size.