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I had some amazing results in the last month of the season. My skiing kept getting better and better and the results started coming in. However, all good things have to come to an end and usually for me that means the prospect of not putting skis on for a few months. This year will be slightly different as in the very last week of the season I crashed and tore my ACL in my left knee. It means an operation and 5 months of rehab before I can put skis on again. Then it will probably be 8 months before I can race again. It’s going to be a very long and tiring process but good will come of it!

The British Championships were in Tignes again this year and I was nervous for them knowing that competition was going to be tougher than ever and as defending champion I was the one to beat. In the speed events I skied really well but just missed out on gold in both super g and downhill, taking home two silver medals. I knew I still had a chance of defending my title in the giant slalom race though. The conditions were terrible, bad visibility and soft snow but that’s exactly what suits me best. I had an ok first run, my time was good despite the skiing having felt really bad. I was 4th overall and 2nd brit, just 0.03 seconds behind the leading brit Alex Tilley. I started off really well on my second run and then disaster struck at the first corner where I hit a big bump and my leg went up above my head! I got late on the line and was slow around the next gate but it also gave me the push I needed to ski faster for the last part of the course. When I saw my time at the finish I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I the fastest Brit, I had moved up to 1st place and won the race! This result also meant that I defended the British Ladies Champion title for the 3rd year in a row. It was exactly the result that I hoped for but not the result that I had expected.

Coming off the back of a GS win I went into the Belgian Championships GS not wanting anything worse than first place. Again the conditions were bad and I knew it was another chance to prove myself amongst some top racers. I was in 2nd place after first run. I knew I had skied well but there were still a few parts of the course where I could make up time to take the win. Knowing there was nothing to lose second run I really gave it my all and I moved up to the top spot in the rankings!

My performances in Giant Slalom meant that I had scored two new personal best results at 17 and 18 taking my points down to 18.09, placing me securely in the top 200 in the world in 170th. Did I do everything I wanted to this season? No. but that’s just as well because if I had then there would be no point keeping on going!

I was enjoying skiing more and more and the opportunity to forerun a boys GS race in Courchevel came up. It was great to be able to go down first and to get a time without having any pressure to perform. I skied well on the first day and I was happy with my times compared to the boys. On the second day I really wanted to go for it and at the same time try out some new things in my skiing. I was having a brilliant first run, I could feel my skis accelerating with every turn. As I came onto the last flat section I got a little late on the line and suddenly I was thrown forwards out of my skis and I felt a crack in my left knee. I told myself that it couldn’t be my ligament. I was so convinced that I was one of the lucky skiers that would make it through their career without the dreaded ACL snap. The doctor at the medical centre tested my knee and said he could feel a lot of movement which indicated a ruptured ligament. I had an MRI a few days later to confirm everything but I think I knew what was wrong from the moment I fell. I need to wait for the swelling to go down in my knee before I can have the operation in 3 weeks time but physiotherapy has begun and I’m ready to work as hard as possible to be back on skis soon. This injury is obviously a negative but good things can come from it. It will definitely make me appreciate the time I have on skis and make me more aware of my body. It also gives me a chance to work on the mental side of my sport. I know I will come back stronger!

Thank you again to BOING for their continued support. I love their new Ripcurl Middy bracelet which is so bright and vibrant and getting me excited for the Summer!