At BOING, we're always chatting about our fabulous and uber-popular bracelets... but did you now that we also drop it like it's hot? We have both ROPE DROPS and ROCK DROPS in our ropey repertoire.

The rope drops are a polished silver rope drop pendant that measures 4cm long and 1cm width and are available with either a 20" long, 2mm thick genuine leather necklace or a 20" silver snake chain. As with all BOING products they are handmade in the UK, hallmarked in Birmingham and are the perfect gift to yourself or a gift for him or her with gift card available. We've even got 13 different colour ropes to choose from!

The rock drops are a brushed solid silver rock pendant and measure 24mm in length and 12.5mm in width. They are solid 925 Sterling Silver and a matching ring is also available.

Until the end of September, you can get 20% off all our drops with the code DROP20 on checkout on our website. Don't miss out on this great deal and treat yourself or someone else to a little bit of BOING.