End Dodo gifts this year and buy something unique for your Man, like an all British handmade climbing or sailing Rope bracelet or opt for our popular leather braid alternative from BOING!

So what is truly original or unique, as these terms are trotted out on most gift websites?Well Unique is defined as “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”So why do so many people buy such clichéd gifts for their man.

For any Christmas present giving set-piece, the unalloyed joy is mutual to the ‘Giver’ and ‘Receiver’ but ONLY if the gift is spot on! However, What I will coin ‘Dodo’ gifts like clichéd tie-pins or soap on a rope though do not deliver that emotion, no matter how good the packaging or high the cost, they are bland and not unique.

We’ve all been there, ‘Men are so hard to buy for’ is oft uttered and with good reason.The result is Xmas Eve panic buying that drives the Giver headlong down the ‘Dodo’ route of gifts, pushed hard by retailers, selecting those items that are almost ‘flightless and extinct of interest. ’ These gifts are modern day present road kill, where the recipient will likely recycle or ebay them at best within 48 hours after framing a rictus smile of thanks.

So what are Dodo gifts; in my opinion, tie-pins, hip flasks, key rings, tool kits – or worse a multi-purpose solitary spanner, books destined never to escape the whiff of a downstairs loo, soap on a rope, cummerbunds (those black tie male bodices), ice scraper mitts (acceptable only in sub-zero climes) and also sad to say, increasingly cuff links and ties – just don’t go there.

There will I know, be a resurgence of the cuff brigade in a few years but they are certainly on the wane at present.Ties are also worn less as businesses adopt a more modern tech-style, open and inclusive approach and are really only dusted down for church occasions or bank meetings.

Eleanor Roosevelt said; “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

So where next in our journey through gifts with diminishing male interest?Well the following all at least have a purpose though come with a huge cliché warning: Socks made from cotton or increasingly the more unusual bamboo fibre, slippers with fluffiness on a scale of 1-10, hankies, razors and razor kits, wash bags, funny mugs but only the first time they are read - as only a goldfish would burst out laughing every morning reading the same joke, and absolutely ANYTHING to do with drink – pourers, coasters, mats, stoppers, bottle openers and cork screws, we’ve all got a drawer full.Please don’t go there –all should be on the Dodo list.We don’t want them – the whole premise of finding that original unique gift has been lost.

However a BOING bracelet is genuinely unique, inspired by extreme sports as it uses genuine climbing and sailing ropes (and leather braid) - nobody does anything remotely similar and the brand is growing rapidly not just in the UK.BOING offers more choice of colours, sizes and materials than anyone else.All are guaranteed for 1 year, with steel clasps for 2 years.They use rare earth magnets and the clasp finishes are stainless steel, solid London-hallmarked silver & a premium range of solid silver layered with 18k gold or Rose gold.

Check out www.boing-inc.com, buy something really original, or instead buy them a piece of meteorite if you can find one.

Albert Einstein said;

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

But then, 100 years ago BOING wasn’t around to tempt him into wearing a Middy Magic Mushroom steel clasped bracelet like above at £40, we are working hard to grow our brand into something the next generation of Einstein’s can add to their list of assets to enjoy daily – alongside the bowl of fruit perhaps.