After numerous times of being postponed due to weather and water conditions, GB selections for the 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships were finally held on the 27th of April. They were held at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, my primary training and paddling location so it was a good spot for me. The selection process consisted of 2 events, one on the Inlet Gate and the other on the 2nd hole of the course. These were combined with the 3rd Hurley selection event, which unfortunately I was not able to make due to university exams. I felt my rides went well despite not having paddled as much as I would have liked in the months leading up to selections. After results were all in I checked the board to find I had finished in second place, meaning I had a place on the team heading out to America!

The men’s K1 class was particularly exciting this year and the closest fought event for many years with some huge scores which should make for a great team for the event! The world championships this year are taking place on the Nantahala River from the 2nd to the 8th of September, check out for the latest updates as well as live video coverage during the event! The event is due to draw in over 300 of the top freestyle paddlers from around the world, as well as thousands of spectators so it is definitely I am really looking forward to competing amongst the worlds best!

For now check out the promotional video of the event:


rob crowe


The Great Britain team for the World Championships is as follows:

K1 Men: James Bebbington, Bren Orton, James Weight, Alan Ward, Rob Crowe, Andy Brinkley

K1 Women: Claire O’Hara, Emily Wall, Islay Crosbie, Sally Montgomery

K1 Junior Men: Tom Goddard, Brandon Hepburn, Jake Norman

K1 Junior Women: Kim Alred, Jen McGaley

C1: Josh Wedgewood, Jack Gunter, Chris Noble

OC1: Paul King, Chris Noble

Squirt Men: Ben Alred, Jamie Austen, Alex Edward

Squirt Women: Claire O’Hara

Photo credits go to Simon Thorne and Dale Mears.