How do you use your BOING?

How do you use your BOING?

It's obvious that our BOING bracelets are used for putting on your wrist and adding something to your outfit / look BUT we love to celebrate all the different types of people and lifestyles that rep the BOING brand on a daily basis. And there are many! It makes our day a lot more fun seeing where all your wonderful orders are being shipped off to and where your handmade bracelet will end up. Here's a few of the places & people that we share BOING with!

Climbers - our climbing friends love the fact that a good deal of our our bracelets are made from old climbing rope! The perfect accessory for your next climbing adventure.

Sailors - similar to the climbers, the sailors love the fact that we make our bracelets from old sailing rope. You have to look your best when you're at sea.

Skiers - the winter adventurers! Admittedly it's hard to show off your BOING on the slopes but you'll be safe in the knowledge that it's on your wrist when you for your post-ski beers and wines.

Runners - "running shoes - check. Running watch - check. Sexy bracelet, so I look good when running - check."

Professionals - look the business when going to and from the office with a BOING to match your look. A lot of orders going out to our hard working indoor friends.

Dogs - we can confirm that dogs don't do the ordering but they do look dapper in a custom BOING bracelet around their neck! Woof.

Adventurers - a broad category but one which encompasses the true spirit of what we stand for.

Presents - we know presents aren't people but our bracelets go out as gifts for a massive % of you. Ideal with a bespoke engraving for that climber / sailor (and so on) in your life.

Stockists - we have the pleasure of lots of wonderful stockists around the world who stock BOING and then share them with their local community.

Days of the year - you might find this hard to believe but we do get a lot of colour based orders for days of the year... green for St. Patricks etc! Any excuse for a new Boing eh?

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