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With only three weeks left before I head to mountains to try a quick burst on the Matterhorn I've been training loads and reading as much as possible about the mountain as I can, this way I have a good understanding of the route we plan on climbing and the history behind the hill I'm about to take on. I hope in three weeks

The last few months have been pretty full on with training and preparing for the climb I'm about to take on. For some time I've had my eye on attempting the Zmutt ridge on the Matterhorn, the original idea was to make a solo attempt but I was approached by a friend and we have now decided to team up together, the plan is to attempt it in a weekend trip from the UK. Climbing the Zmutt ridge is a tough route and very dangerous, but attempting it in a weekend without any acclimatisation is on a whole different level. The difficulty of the climb and the altitude effects with be a big battle to overcome. The past month I've been training solid, in the gym, the great outdoors and climbing as much as possible. I've been spending allot of time at Portland trying to improve my stamina on some of the longer harder sport lines, the climbing there is pretty hard and sustained and has some of the best sport lines on the south coast, week by week I find myself getting stronger and stronger. I've also been spending allot of time doing laps on the easier lines wearing my big mountain boots, this is good training for the Matterhorn, although this can get boring it will all be worth it in the end. I visited a little crag called Hedbury a few weeks ago and felt I needed to push myself a little more so I decided to solo climb a few of the routes there, the climbing not to hard but a fall could have resulted in the worse, but for some reason I love the feeling of being alone on the wall with myself in complete control of every move..

For some time now my girlfreind as been asking me to take her climbing, Nicola managed to get the day off work Saturday so what better opportunity to introduce her to the world of climbing, With it being her first time we headed to the well known beginner area of Hedbury, she seemed very excited and keen to get on the face, Secretly Inside I was wondering weather this would change once she got a few feet off the ground, I put a top rope up on some of the easy grade 4 routes and she sailed up them no problems at all, and considering she only had normal trainers on it was pretty impressive, after a bite to eat she wanted to try something harder so I put her onto a grade 5, again she sailed up it with no problem, We decided to call it a day due to bad weather coming in, she was so excited and happy and spent most of the walk out talking about her climb, if honest I was quite impressed and very proud of her.. It was nice to share a day doing what I love with someone that I really care about.

I have three weeks left before I leave on the 12th for my attempt, I plan on packing in as much training as possible but being careful not to over do it, I will keep you guys updated on progress of the trip and hopefully in the near future bring good news of a successful summit and safe return.


nic first climb

nic first climb 2

solo climb 1

solo climb 2

wallsend 1

wallsend 2