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We've done the maths, we've trawled and crawled through the figures and we've come up with the two most popular ever BOING bracelets! Are you ready? First off, before we announce them to the world, we'd like to take this chance to thank everyone who has made BOING a part of their lives over the last few years. We LOVE receiving your pictures via social media, so don't to tag @boingjewellery with your next order / favourite piece. Thanks!

Okay, drum roll please!

The most popular ever BOING is the BULLDOG! We're not sure whether it's the British connotations - navy, red and white or whether because it's made from genuine professional US climbing rope but the BULLDOG is numero uno on your shopping list. How cool! To celebrate this, we've dropped the prices until Midnight on Sunday May 5th.. the MIDDY is only £34 and the CHUNKY is £39.50! That's £10 off both of them. As we're feeling generous the BULLDOG MIDDY SILVER is also down from £155 to £110 for a very short time!

Just behind the Bulldog in terms of popularity is the ever popular STEEL RIGGING! It's a Silver Twisted Wire Rope and due to the strength of the wire it will require a friend to help secure the clasp, hence this is designed not to be removed very often. It's a 5mm diameter Skinny bracelet made with multi stranded galvanised steel wire rope! We've dropped the price on the STEEL RIGGING to £40 over the same time frame, so don't miss out!

Thanks for reading and we hope you take advantage of this offer whilst you can! We wonder if these two will still be number one this time next year? Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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