The park is open... It’s going down

The park is open. It’s going down. We have been blessed with the opening of the park so now a whole bunch of rail and jump sessions are happening. One of our season goals was to hit a back flip before mid season. The opening of the airbag has allowed us to prove to ourselves we have the rotation; it just all comes down to overcoming the fear (look out for our progression with this).

(In memory of The Daz)

We had another friend come out for three days. We have also hit some serious moguls on the highest run on the Mont Fort piste. The content of our fridge is almost non-existent, but this is not stopping us from shredding 9am-4pm everyday. A lot more time has been spent just chilling out in the evening. New people are being met every day and there isn’t really much we can complain about. Life is good.

A Merry Christmas to all.