Kitty is BOING's newest Brand Ambassador. Read about how she is helping spread the word about BOING.

Hi I’m Kitty, the newest BOING Brand Ambassador. I am a nineteen-year-old student from Hertfordshire, studying Philosophy and Anthropology at Exeter.

My work for BOING began during a trip to South America. I love photography and Bolivia provided amazing backdrops for photographing the bands. When I returned I got in touch with BOING and showed them my pictures. They really liked them and we got chatting and the upshot is I was offered the chance to work with the brand whilst continuing my studies.

In the short time I have been working with BOING I already feel very strongly about the brand. I have been wearing the beautiful bands everywhere I go and have been encouraging people to look at the website. It’s all about promoting the brand, which is great for me as I can shout about BOING amongst the university community and social scenes. I also travel a lot and I am active in the great outdoors, the ideal stomping ground for BOING products. In my opinion the bands sell themselves. This is down to the quality craftsmanship and timeless style and abundance of fun colours.

As well as selling and promoting the bands I have been looking for suitable shops where the BOING products would sell well. After having found a perfect shop in Harpenden, I’m now excited to continue my search in Exeter now I am back at University.