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We are fully ensconced in the Autumnal season which means it's that time to replace shorts for trousers, tees for wooly jumpers and your Summer BOINGs for Autumn options. We've put together a few ideas that will hopefully give you some good thoughts for seasonal treats!


The Caster Middy is made from professional German climbing rope and is a beautiful rope pattern of twisted orange and white. The perfect colours for Autumn - although we hope the white doesn't come in the form of snow just yet!


We are going to bombard you with rusty colours to match the leaf fall BUT we also firmly believe in the qualities of matchy matchy! Our Blue Leather Middy goes with any warm sweater / jacket. We have a few other leather options if you're not feeling blue.


Probably our most perfectly named BOING for the season, the Woodland Double Wrap is hazelnut brown and softer than rolling around in a pile of leaves. Perfect for the person who likes double the BOING fun with a thin rope.


Back to oranges and although our Sunset Bracelet is an all year round favourite, we think it's the perfect shade of Autumn! Golden yellow with flecks of black and made from Pro American Climbing rope means this is the perfect BOING for any outfit.


Another Orange winner, the WIPE OUT is the first Chunky option on our list. It's a kaleidoscope of bright red and yellows with a thread of brown and is made with genuine professional European climbing rope. If you like a thicker rope, then this is the BOING for you!


The Uluru rope is another one of our most popular and versatile bracelets. Black rope offset with red and orange flecks means it's another all year round winner. The pictured bracelet is with an 18kt Gold on 925 Silver for those wanting a more high-end clasp. The bracelet is also available with our other claps. Something for everyone!

We hope this article has given you some good thoughts for new BOINGS as we think you deserve to treat yourself. Maybe you'd like to treat others to a gift or start getting ready for Christmas? Please use PUMPKIN20 on checkout for 20% until November 1st. Thank you for reading and make sure you wrap up!