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Introducing Tommy Harris - New BOING Ambassador and blogger!

Hi I am Tommy, I’m 32 years old and from Bournemouth, I love the great outdoors whether it be the ocean or the magical mountains I always feel at home, my main passion in life is climbing, I’ve been climbing for many years now with my main love being the big mountains, whether it be winter, ice or a big multipitch rock route I always seem to feel at home when in the Alps. I think I’m quite adventurous and willing to take on any challenge that is thrown at me, I love that feeling of shit scaredness, adrenaline pumping and not knowing what’s next for them few seconds when your halfway through the crux of a big Wi6 with your last screw 20ft below you, arms pumped, spindrift in the face and the thoughts of the axe just popping out...it makes you feel different, it makes you realise who you are and what you can achieve if you really want it. I’ve managed to climb many of my childhood dream mountains now and have found myself pushing myself further in my passion, I have a big year coming up and want to continue pushing myself way past my limits, I love to inspire people and try make them see that anything is possible if you’re willing to take that extra step. You can follow my progress and adventures here at http://tscoobydoo.blogspot.co.uk/

Five facts you should know about me:

• I love tomato’s • I have spent over 10,000 pounds on climbing equipment throughout my life • I’m really a big softie • My favourite colour is green • I once spent 8hrs hanging on a tiny ledge in the worst thunder and lightning storm ever.

Well that's me! I look forward to blogging about my latest adventures so in the meantime, don't forget....BOING UP YOUR LIFE!