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January '19

Billy and the Four Seasons

Our mascot, Billy, is away traveling with Mad or Nomad - he's experienced four seasons in four different parts of the world! Where will they go next? Here's to the next four! Read more

January '19

Mad in Mongolia

Mongolia is madness - a vast emptiness filled with some of the most lonesome, mind numbing and incredible riding we’ve ever seen… Read more

January '19

Not Quite Nomads!

We have a go at being nomadic horse riders… it doesn’t go so well. So, we take it easy in Kyrgyzstan before blasting 2000 miles through Kazakhstan and Russia to the Mongolian border Read more

August '18

A little goes a long way!

When traveling in Afghan I'm giving a bracelet to a young boy... the boy followed us for ages, walking beside us. He didn't ask for money or anything, he was just carrying a bag of plums, which he was eating from. He wanted to share the fruit with us and... Read more